Point West's Declaration of Beliefs

Point West

People of Portland,

The world is changing, but what we stand for will not. We will continue to educate, provide access, and be a Point of Opportunity for every member of our community. If moving forward as an individual feels impossible, the community is here to help us all take the first step. We stand with our members — all of our members.

As a financial institution, our values are what define us and guide our actions. We know in a capitalist society, you vote with your dollars, and we thank you for standing with us in creating a legacy of support and inclusion.

We believe in an inclusive community. We believe in our people. We believe in you.

To a Better World,

Point West Credit Union

Building a Strong Community

Citizens of Point West

We always have been and always will be a safe space for anyone who needs it. Walking in our doors makes you a Citizen of Point West.

People Helping People

We treat all people with respect and dignity and offer honest service, without prejudice. This has always been our standard and nothing will change that.

Banking without Borders

Where you were born should not determine how you live. We offer lending and services to immigrants and all members of the Hispanic community, and we have been awarded the prestigious Juntos Avanzamos designation.

Minority is the Majority

Our community is richer for its diversity of people and voices. We find unity in our differences.

Transforming Lives

Financial empowerment is at the core of happy and healthy lives. Our passion and our DNA is to help individuals and local businesses get on their feet and take control of their destinies.

Accountable to the Underserved

Financial equity is not for a select few. We welcome all people, especially those who have been turned down elsewhere.

Additional Resources

Take Action

Take Action

Write your local representatives about the issues that matter to you.


You are needed. Lend your hand to organizations and causes you support — it will make a difference.


You voted with your ballot, and you can vote with your dollars. Support organizations that promote tolerance and inclusivity.

Innovative Changes
Q Center

Learn More

Juntos Avanzamos

We are proud to have earned the official designation for credit unions committed to serving and empowering Hispanic consumers.

How Point West gives back

See the organizations we support, how we’re involved in the community, and how you can participate.

Get Support


IRCO supports immigrant and refugee communities through employment training, language services, leadership opportunities, and more.

Q Center

The Q Center provides a safe space to support and celebrate LGBTQ diversity, equity, visibility, and community building.

Innovative Changes

Innovative Changes works to advance economic justice and help people build long-term financial health through education and access to credit-building opportunities.